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Expand the scope of your coin collection with myriad Middle Eastern coins

Hoping to expand your global coin collection to cover new and interesting regions? Consider the wealth of wonderful Middle Eastern coins for sale at eBay. Many parts of the Middle East have undergone vast changes over the decades, with the currencies, denominations and types of coins created often representative of shifting political landscapes. From classic to contemporary and all those commemorative releases in between, you will be impressed by the historic and/or cultural significance of the items available.

Middle Eastern currencies 

Your search may lead you to Middle Eastern coins from various countries such as the Saudi Arabian riyal, the Iranian dinar, the Israeli lira, Palestine mil, or the Turkish kurus. Wherever you look to grow your collection of coins with Middle Eastern heritage, you will be sure to discover coins with some intriguing stories. From ancient times through to the 19th century, the 20th century, and into more modern times, the coins of this region have evolved alongside the dynasties, rulers and contemporary governments. 

You can choose from Middle Eastern coins made from various materials including gold, silver, bronze, copper, nickel, aluminium, brass and other compositions. You might, for example, manage to get your hands on scarce silver Middle Eastern coins from 20th century Lebanon or Egypt. 

Another important aspect of shopping for coins is to always look closely at the condition of the piece and decide whether or not it meets your specific requirements. Every coin collection is as unique as every coin, so do your homework and you won’t be left disappointed.

Not entirely certain what you’re looking for? Try sorting through a handful or big bag of mixed region coins with a little bit of everything, including some potentially worthwhile coins from the Middle East and beyond. Coin hunting at eBay will have you occupied for hours.

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