Middle Eastern Notes

Middle Eastern notes are perfect for enhancing your collection

Available from a variety of different countries, and in variable denominations, Middle Eastern notes are ideal for collectors of all levels. Discover single collectible bank notes for adding to your collectors cabinet, or sets of notes to kickstart your collection.

Different types of Middle Eastern notes

Middle Eastern notes that are decorated with 24k coloured gold detail are intricately decorative pieces for any international currency collection. Discover Saudi Arabia notes feature double-sided laser-etched designs that are embellished with highly reflective gold foil. These 50 Riyals banknotes have a polycarbonate centre for durability. Authentic 24k gold decorated Middle Eastern notes from other countries are also available.

Uncirculated notes from Iraq are available in small denominations. A mint condition Iraqi Dinar is typically supplied in sets of ten notes. Consecutive run uncirculated notes from other countries are also available.

Mint condition presentation Middle Eastern notes are available individually, in pairs, and in multiple note assortments in variable denominations. Popular designs of the Middle Eastern notes from the sovereign Arab state of Saudi Arabia typically feature intricately detailed designs.

Rare vintage & retro Middle Eastern notes

Rare Iraq notes featuring colourful illustrations of Saddam Hussein in full military uniform are available in 25 Dinar denominations. These 100% authentic notes feature security strip and watermark detail. This retro 1986 Middle Eastern note was the first to feature Saddam Hussein and the only notes that include military uniform.

Vintage Middle Eastern notes dating back to 1916 include rare uniface issue banknotes from the Ottoman Empire in Turkey, Palestine, Syria, and Egypt. The 20 Piastres B note is decorated with elaborate patterning.

First issue Qatar and Dubai notes are available from the 1960s. The 1 Riyal banknote is embellished with a watermark of a falcon. Used 1 Livre notes from Lebanon boast historical value. French mandate, 1939 1 Livre Middle Eastern notes from Syria are an alternative collectable option. Middle East mixed region notes are ideal for starting your collection, with notes from various regions available.