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Miele Filter/Filter Kit Vacuum Cleaner Parts

Miele Vacuum Filters and Filter Kits

Miele’s vacuum filters are designed to be used in Miele vacuum cleaners in order to provide more effective air filtration and a cleaner home environment.


Miele was first founded in Germany in 1899 in order to manufacture cream separators. However, the company soon expanded into the household appliances that now make up their entire business. Today, Miele sells a range of white goods as well as coffee machines and their popular vacuum cleaners. They also build medical, dental and laboratory equipment for commercial customers. The company takes pride in their principle ‘immer besser’, or ‘always better’, a commitment to constant improvement.

Vacuum Filters

Vacuum cleaner filters are designed to be used with bagless vacuum cleaners. Bagless vacuums capture dirt and debris in a removal bin instead of a traditional bag, which reduces their ability to gather dust. To compensate for this, vacuum cleaner designers place a filter in the airstream. Their fine mesh material prevents dust from passing through. Some modern vacuum cleaners with bags also now include filters in order to capture dust more effectively. One specialised kind of filter is the HEPA filter. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air, and genuine HEPA filters must be rated to capture at least 99.97 per cent of particles measuring 0.3 microns or larger. HEPA filters are often recommended for sufferers of allergies and asthma due to their efficiency in filtering contaminants. However, their ability to effectively filter even bacteria and other microorganisms makes them a great option for maintaining a healthy living space.

Miele Filters

Miele makes a range of filters to fit their different vacuum cleaners. Their filters also feature a range of different technologies designed to provide more effective cleaning. Their Active Airclean filters feature activated charcoal in order to more effectively capture organic waste, making them a useful option for smokers and pet owners. They also offer HEPA filters for even more effective cleaning. Many Miele filters feature a timestrip filter replacement indicator that tells you when to change the filter over. The company recommends changing filters once a year.

Other Vacuum Accessories

Filters are not the only vacuum parts and accessories that you can use to achieve more effective cleaning. Miele vacuum hoses and interchangeable heads allow homeowners to clean things that a regular vacuum head might not be suitable for. Miele’s specialised nozzles include mattress heads and crevice tools. They also produce a range of vacuum bags for their bagged vacuum cleaner models.