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Miele Vacuum Cleaners

Miele Vacuum Cleaners

More or less everything in your home rests on the floor, so keeping the floor clean is key to keeping the entire house clean. A good vacuum cleaner will use suction to remove dust and other particles from any surface, whether it’s carpet, tile or wooden floor boards. And Miele is known for high-quality vacuum cleaners; they’ve been tested to twenty years use. They’ve also submitted their vacuum cleaners for certification to numerous agencies that test for things like energy use and dust reemission (how much fine dust comes out the other end of the vacuum cleaner).

Miele Canister Vacuums

The most common type of vacuum cleaner is the cannister vacuum, and Miele’s canister vacuum cleaners are no exception to this in Miele’s overall line-up. The canister vacuum is the most basic vacuum design possible; it’s a canister that creates negative pressure, thus causing air to suck through an attached hose that you aim at wherever you want to vacuum. Whatever is on the floor and fits through the hose will get hoovered up and ends up in the vacuum bag. The wheels on the canister help it to move around easily and a dozen other features can be added on, like brush, crevice and pet attachments.

Miele Upright Vacuums

Almost as recognisable are upright vacuum cleaners. With these cleaners, the entire apparatus is mounted on a long rod. They tend to have less suction power as they need to be lighter, but they also take up less room in your cupboard and less time to set up. Upright vacuums are great for people living in smaller spaces or to keep on hand for quick emergency uses, such as in or around a kitchen. Miele upright vacuum cleaners bring the same power and good design as Miele’s other cleaners. Some Miele upright vacuums feature a swivel head, upholstery tools, crevice nozzle and a handheld turbo brush.

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