Make Delicious Treats At Home With A Milk Frother

If you love a café cappuccino, chai latte, or a hot chocolate with fluff on the top – they all have one thing in common. A milk frother. That delicious froth on the top of your drink is easy enough to make at home if you have the right equipment. Whether you're after an electric milk frother or a manual one, eBay has a range of models to make your next drink a touch more delicious.

What to look for in milk frothers

Milk frothers are designed to add air to your milk – which makes it foamy. It's a great addition to a home coffee machine, giving you drinks that could rival the best café in town – all made in your own kitchen.

When you're shopping for a milk frother, you want to make sure it is good quality. Some budget styles are made from plastic; however these can bend under pressure. So, you want to find a design that is strong, stainless steel or similar. If you're buying a hand-held frother, make sure the whisk is stainless steel as well to prevent rusting.

Size and speed

Next, consider the speed. Some milk frothers can even double into a milkshake maker, so if you plan on doing more than just whipping up a cappuccino, consider a more powerful motor. A minimum 15,000RPM is a good place to start, but you might like to choose something stronger as well. Read the descriptions to see what's recommended and if you have any questions about the quality, ask the buyer.

You should also keep size in mind as this will determine how many cups you can get from your machine. There are larger induction style milk frothers that give you more than one cup at a time, electric automatic frothers, and if you're buying a hand-held mixer, you can get stainless steel jugs in a range of sizes, including 500ml and one litre options. With eBay, there's a size to suit every coffee lover.