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Milwaukee Impact Drivers

Milwaukee Impact Drivers

Impact drivers are the heroes of any workshop. While they perform the same tasks as normal hand tools, they save you time and energy because of their reliability, consistency and torque output. Milwaukee impact drivers are ergonomically designed tools that use hex bits to drive the spanner or screwdriver attachments. Their designs come with many default and useful features that will easily make them your favourite tool to have around the shop.

Impact Driver Kits

Milwaukee impact drivers and spanners basically look the same, but the former is designed for high-torque workloads, such as automotive repair jobs or steel construction projects. Impact drivers typically include an arrangement of directed LED lights to illuminate your workpiece, eliminating inaccuracies brought about by those pesky shadows. The lights are particularly useful when youre working under a car. For instance, the Milwaukee 2763-22 M18 features a friction ring kit that makes frequent socket changes a breeze. Also look for a heavy-duty belt hook for easy holstering when not in use.


Milwaukee 18v impact drivers give you excellent mobility because of their portability and ergonomic designs. These Milwaukee battery impact drivers run on the brands 18v battery packs, which are handy in their own right. The packs have built-in battery meters so you don’t need to bring a multimeter to check the battery level, thereby reducing downtime and increasing your efficiency. These impact drivers also come with the brand’s POWERSTATE brushless motors, which run cooler and deliver up to 55 per cent faster application speed but last longer as well.

Cordless Ratchet

The Milwaukee automatic ratchets are ideal for automotive engine bay repair jobs because of their powerful torque capabilities, portability and low profile head design that lets you access bolts in tight workspaces. They produce up to 35 ft. lbs. of torque at 250 RPM, making them quick but strong tools to fasten any bolts. They are compatible with Milwaukee XC high-capacity batteries or the compact models so you can interchange the batteries on your supported tools without losing any efficiency.