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Milwaukee Power Tools

Milwaukee Power Tools

For anyone looking for a quality power tool by a company that has several years of product innovation and is backed by manufacturer guarantees, Milwaukee makes those tools. Milwaukee produces several different types of power tools that are corded as well as cordless options. Many of their tools include drills, wrenches, impact drivers, saw, grinders, lights, and screwdrivers. Milwaukee also makes many other types of power tools including blowers, shop vac, grease gun, fan, and the amazing M18 charging radio. Some of the saws that this company is famous for are their circular saws and reciprocating saws.

Power Tool Combos

In addition to traditional power tools, Milwaukee makes power tool combos or sets to round out their arsenal of products. Milwaukee power tool combos can include a plethora of everything you might need in a start kit. While these combos are pricey, they include all the basics you would need when purchasing multiple power tools at a time and you generally getting a better deal when buying package deals. These combos include drills, such as compact drills and hammer drills, saws, grinders, sanders, as well as various bits to accompany the tools. There are also cordless combos for those who dont want to mess with cords and want to be able to move around freely when working on a project.

Other Milwaukee Tools

Aside from power tools, Milwaukee makes a whole host of other regular hand tools that their their quality standards back. Some of their non-power tools include pliers, screwdrivers, spanners, and wrenches. They make a variety of different pliers and snips that come in various sizes as well. Milwaukee also has several great screwdriver sets that are not only good as your first set of screwdrivers but experienced handyman also regard these sets as top-notch tools. Additionally, Milwaukee makes heavy duty, durable wrenches in varying sizes and strengths that can handle almost any job. These are great to have a few of, just in case youre handling a job that is bigger than you anticipated.