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Milwaukee Power Tools

Milwaukee Power Tools

No matter what your DIY needs may be, there is a Milwaukee power tool for you. Power tools were a revolution in the DIY market. They turned formerly difficult and time-consuming jobs into afternoon projects. Instead of struggling with a hand saw, just lop off the end with a circular saw in a matter of seconds. Milwaukee tools bring the power and dependability you need for every job.

Milwaukee Corded Tools

From dust extractors to a range of saws and angle grinders, Milwaukee makes a wide range of corded tools. Milwaukee corded power tools draw directly from the mains for the power to keep working as long as you do. These are the tools you rely on to do continuous work from the start of the day to the end of the weekend.

Milwaukee Cordless Tools

Cordless tools like the 12-Volt M12 and 18-Volt Milwaukee M18 line bring portable power to your workshop. These are tools that dont need a direct connection to the mains to do a job. Common among drills and impact drivers, cordless operation gives you that go anywhere flexibility that many people crave. You may not be able to run a tool for eight hours straight on one charge, but few jobs require that.

Corded vs. Cordless

What was once a simple choice of power against flexibility has become less simple and more nuanced as the capabilities of cordless tools have increased. Longer battery lives and greater onboard power makes many 18-Volt tools an easy match for corded tools for many jobs. Putting an extra battery in the charger can often extend work time to as long as you need it. Cordless tools are safer, too. You dont have the risk of tripping over the cord.

Using Milwaukee Tools

No matter whether you need the sustained output of corded tools or the flexibility of a cordless combo set, its important to remember safety when using any power tool. Gloves and eye protection are a must, as well as a hard hat when working on many sites.