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Minelab Metal Detectors

Minelab Metal Detectors

Whether you are prospecting for gold kilometres from anywhere or just looking for lost treasures in your own backyard; Minelab metal detectors are the ones the professionals reach for first, with advanced features that make it easy to find anything you might be looking for. Theres a reason why people use them everywhere from treasure hunts to minefields.

Pulse Induction Detectors

Where most detectors use two coils, Minelab metal detector with pulse induction often relies on a single coil for both transmission and detection. The big advantage of pulse induction is that its much better at picking signals out of the clutter so that they work better for finding metals in heavily mineralised soils. They are not as good at telling one metal from another, but you have to find it first.

Underwater Detectors

There is a lot to be found underwater, but you wont find it if you have to leave your detector on the shore. Minelab makes detectors good to depths down to sixty metres, so you dont have to let a little water get in the way of your next find.

Detecting Difficulty

There are several different factors that can affect how well your detector can pick up buried metals. One is the metal, as silver and gold are both easier to detect than lead because they are more conductive. Round shapes are easier to detect than long thin ones, and this also means that the same coin is easier to find laying flat than standing on end. Finally, depth matters; the more ground in the way, the harder it is to find something.

Minelab Metal Detector Features

While few people start off by thinking they need a Minelab metal detector with volume control, that is just one of the many features Minelab brings to your search. Other options include automatic ground balancing, which enables your detector to compensate for the electrical properties of the ground where youre working. Others even adjust automatically as you move, so you can always take advantage of maximum sensitivity.

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