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Mini DVD R RW Camcorder Tapes and Discs

For camcorders to save recorded videos, they often rely on Mini DVD-R/RW Camcorder Tapes and Discs for storage. Camcorder tapes resemble VHS tapes and are the predecessors to the Mini DVD-R/RW Camcorder Discs. Camcorder tapes and discs are sold as blanks so you can fit all your favourite memories onto them and replay them over and over again. Mini DVD-R/RW camcorder tapes and discs save your videos as digital files which are more durable and long lasting compared to analogue recordings. The digital files also allow for multiple copies of a video to be made without affecting or damaging the copies or the original file.

Camcorder Tapes

Mini DV camcorder tapes have been around for some time and their shape resembles VHS tapes but smaller in size. They have fairly large storage capacities, with the ability to store up to 60 minutes of video recording in each camcorder tape. Camcorders and camcorder tapes are small and compact, making them easy to carry around so you can film your memories wherever you go. To watch video recordings from the Mini DV Camcorder Tapes, the recordings must be digitised which can be easily done using either HDMI, Firewire or USB cables to connect the Mini DV Camcorder Tape to your computer for digitising.

Camcorder Discs

Mini DVD-R/RW camcorder discs are the successors to the mini DV camcorder tapes. They come in two varieties, single sided and double-sided discs. Single sided Mini DVD-R/RW Camcorder Discs often come with 1.4GB of memory space, which equates to 30 minutes of video recordings. Double-sided Mini DVD-R/RW Camcorder Discs offers twice the storage capacity, with 2.8GB of memory and 60 minutes of video. Mini DVD-R/RW Camcorder Discs are a standard size of 8cm in diameter and can fit directly into the disc drives of most computers without having to go through alternate wires.

Camcorder Memory Cards

Memory cards are one of the latest innovations for media storage. They are much smaller compared to the camcorder tapes and discs and have a much larger storage space. With memory cards that range from 4GB to 32GB of space, you can record your home videos without having to worry about the memory cards running out of space too soon. Their high storage capacities also allow them to store large amounts of high-definition images. Camcorder memory cards can be easily found in shops selling camera accessories.

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