Your guide to mini food processors

Whether you work in a commercial kitchen or dub yourself the ultimate home cook, your tools help you execute your kitchen creativity. Mini food processors are a great addition to your kitchen, with dozens of different applications and several different types.

Uses of mini food processors

Mini food processors are some of the most versatile tools of the kitchen. From mincing and chopping vegetables to making restaurant style salsa, the opportunities are endless when it comes to mini food processors. Your mini food processor will help you cut down on cooking time by doing your chopping, mincing, and mixing for you. You can even create homemade baby food from sweet potatoes, apples, and other produce your baby loves.

Types of mini food processors

There's a large range of mini food processors on the market, and each boasts a long list of capabilities. However, it's helpful to know the types of mini food processors if you're in the market for a specific capability. Some of the most popular types of food processors are choppers, blenders, and spiralizers. While some mini food processors do it all, others specialise in these specific skills for specific cooks. For example, if you specialise in Italian food, a food processor capable of blending might pair perfectly with your pasta maker and fresh sauces. Choppers are great for cooks that use plenty of vegetables that can be tedious to chop, like zucchini or potatoes. Spiralizers are a more recent type of mini food processors that cut vegetables into the shape of spaghetti noodles. Perfect for anyone limiting their carb intake, spiralizers allow you to make savoury Italian without the pasta.

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