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Minix Internet and Media Streamers

Minix Internet and Media Streamers

In a world of digital content, its not surprising that many home theatre systems base themselves around a media streamer instead of a DVD or Blu-ray player. The huge advantage of Minix media streamers is that you dont have to worry about finding and organising physical media. You just turn it on and play your media.

Wi-Fi Streamers

The big advantage of Minix Neo Wi-Fi home internet media streamers is their portability. With no need of a wired connection to the internet, they are easy to set up. With up to 802.11n networking, they have enough bandwidth to stream even high-definition video to your TV without stuttering.

Bluetooth Streamers

While Bluetooth wireless doesnt have enough bandwidth for high definition video, Minix Bluetooth home internet media streamers do have advantages. The biggest advantage of Bluetooth is that its a great protocol for remotes. Unlike infrared, it doesnt need direct line of sight.

Setting Up Minix Streamers

When setting up your Minix media streamer, you have two main options: wired or wireless. Wireless is more flexible, but it also uses the same network bandwidth as all your other wireless devices. Wired connections need space to run the cable, but they also provide a dedicated connection to the router so you arent sharing bandwidth. As to TV connections, the simplest is just to plug in an HDMI cable.

Using Streamers

Once its hooked up, just power on your Minix streamer and let the Metro interface come up. Then just click on XBMC and you can select your favourite movies and TV shows. With access to Google Play, many Minix streamers can tie into a wide range of streaming services so you can enjoy all your media in glorious high definition without having to look at something as small as your phone screen. The world is only a click away.