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What is Minoxidil?

Hair loss - it’s a problem faced by many men and women all over the world. If it happens to you, it can be frustrating, not to mention embarrassing. But thanks to the medication, Minoxidil, the problem can be addressed.

How it works

Applied topically, Minoxidil has been successfully used to treat hereditary hair loss in women and men since the FDA approved its usage in the 1980s. In men, it only works on those who have alopecia (hair loss) on the top of their scalp, not at the front or a receding hairline. In women, it’s used for those who have a general hair thinning.

Up to this day, manufacturers of Minoxidil are still in the dark about how the medication actually works to promote hair growth. But many surmise it increases the size of shrunken hair follicles by stimulating blood supply. No matter the mechanism, it appears to be effective, with around 40% of men experiencing hair growth after 3 to 6 months, with slightly higher figures in women. Minoxidil treatment comes in both a solution and foam, and it’s recommended to apply it twice a day.

It takes time

Results take a while; it certainly doesn’t happen overnight. Most people need to regularly use Minoxidil for four months before they see a change. And you’ve got to keep it up to maintain any hair growth that occurs.

It’s not a cure for hair loss

If you’re after a miracle cure for hair loss, Minoxidil is not it. But to date, there isn’t one. Minoxidil treatment, however, has still been proven to be very effective at stimulating hair growth that has a hereditary component. If you’re not sure whether you’re in this boat, or whether it’s suitable for you, consult your doctor or pharmacist before purchase and use.

Hot tip: when searching for Minoxidil a hair loss treatment for men or womenon eBay, it helps to know the medication is marketed under many trade names such as Rogaine, Regaine, Nioxin, Maxogain and so on.

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