Find a valuable uncirculated proof coin set in ‘mint’ condition at eBay

All different types of collectors seek those rare and valuable items and artefacts considered to have been kept in ‘mint condition’, but for numismatists (coin collectors) this objective takes on a rather literal meaning. That’s because circulated Australian coins do in fact come from the Royal Australian Mint. Uncirculated mint and proof coins are even more highly sought after. 

What is a proof coin?

The majority of countries have issued and continue to issue proof coins, but what exactly are these coin varieties and why are they sometimes considered valuable? If you’re thinking about purchasing a mint proof coin set, it’s certainly worth learning more about what you would be buying. 

To get you started, ‘proof coinage’ refers to the special coin samples that are made in advance of the official release of a specific new coin issue. This part of the coin development and issuing process historically existed so that the dies could be thoroughly checked, and the issue could be properly archived. These days, however, higher volumes of proof coins are increasingly struck for the purposes of collection.

Why purchase a mint and proof coin set?

A single mint proof coin might pique your interest, but imagine how much more satisfaction you could get from a full mint proof coin set featuring a wide array of silver, nickel, gold, bronze, copper and platinum proofs from all over the world including Australia/Oceania mint and proof coin sets and more coin proof sets from Central America, Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa. Mint proof coin sets can represent a specific year of issue or commemorate a special event, occasion or anniversary. 

For that ultimate combination of collectability, investment and hobby enjoyment, clear some space at home for your next mint proof coin set from eBay.