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For Better Visibility You Need Ford Ranger Tow Mirrors

 Have you recently come a little close to a fellow motorist on the road or in a car park and accidentally damaged your side mirror? Or have you recently invested in a caravan that will fit out for you and your family exactly the way you want it? Don’t stress. On eBay you will find several replacement side mirror assemblies available.

There are even Ford Ranger tow mirrors you can easily attach to the existing mirrors, giving much needed views to help you negotiate traffic and allowing you to change lanes with more confidence. 

How to buy Ford Ranger tow mirrors

These oversized mirrors slide over your factory ones to give you a much wider view of the road and the equipment behind you. They are great if you're in the business of hauling heavy equipment, like boats and trailers. They'll also be a great asset when you're on the job site or on a camping trip. Here are some tips:

  • Tow mirrors provide additional visibility, compared to other side mirrors, allowing you to see everything behind you. They will improve your safety and confidence.
  • While a manual tow mirror works as a backup mirror, power tow mirrors have built-in turn signals. The more features, the higher the price. Some models include puddle lights, but it's best to check with your dealer to see if your vehicle has the proper wiring. 
  • Fortunately, the installation process is easy and simple. Your tow mirrors can be added to any vehicle with a 3.5-inch hitch. Several tow mirror manufacturers have different types of towing mirrors. Despite the various types available, the simplest to install is the manual tow mirror. Towing mirrors add directional visibility. And if you're hauling heavy equipment, you need to be able to see it easily.

Start shopping for your Ford Ranger tow mirrors today. Shop by genuine OEM Ford tow mirrors or by unbranded or aftermarket tow mirrors. You can shop for brand new or used depending on your budget. Afterpay and PayPal 4 are available with certain sellers on eligible items, allowing you to pay over 4 payments. Grab some Ford Ranger side steps and a Ford Ranger antenna as well.