Mirror Jewellery Cabinet

Combine two of your bedroom essentials with a mirror and jewellery cabinet in one fancy piece of personal furniture. Not only will your collection of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and accessories be well organised at your fingertips, but youll easily be able to see how you look wearing new gifts or favourite pieces from the past. Its the perfect blend of beauty accessory, practical storage and elegant decor.

A 2-in-1 solution for every bedroom

Whether you have a whole corner of the room, a tiny place on your desk or nowhere but the wall to keep your new or pre-loved cabinet, theres a 2-in-1 option for you. A tall full-length mirror jewellery cabinet can measure up to 1.5m from floor to top, providing ample space for makeup and various bits and pieces along with an extensive collection of jewellery. At the other end of the scale, free-standing mirrored jewellery boxes fit neatly on your desk or table, yet still offer generous storage compartments and hanging space. What mirrored and non-mirrored tabletop jewellery boxes lack in size, they often make up for in style, such as European velvet interior, and adjustable mirror door with three or four tilting angles for a closer inspection. Wall mounted mirror cabinets may require assembly and should come with an installation manual.

Hooks, shelves and other storage features

Small jewellery holders and organisers can hold your most important pieces, but one of the real benefits of a genuine mirror door cabinet is the extra storage space inside. These cabinets feature a storage pouch and multi-purpose hooks and slots to hang or protect every single item in your jewellery collection. Larger mirror jewellery cabinets will also include storage shelves. The unit should definitely be lockable to keep your valuables safe at all times, and ideally two keys will be provided. Some quality cabinets will also feature a door with magnetic snap closure. Ready to buy? Check out the range on eBay and youll be looking in your new mirror in no time.