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Is it any surprise that one of the country’s most popular designers of resort style leisure wear for women just happens to work out of Byron Bay? Not really. Once a sleepy little hamlet much loved for its laidback vibe, this town is coming of age and inspiring some amazing artists to new heights. Mister Zimi is a great example of a Byron success story, melding 70s glamour with beach side calm to create a range of clothing that’s comfortable, chic, and somehow manages to impart the relaxation of Byron into every single piece.

Mister Zimi Dresses

Mister Zimi creates some gorgeous casual dresses that are ideal for all sorts of occasions. Romantic walks on the beach? Check. Garden party with the boss? Check. Relaxed girls’ weekend in a beach side town? Check. With elements of boho and seventies styling, these dresses are all about confidence and easy-going class. You’ll find dresses to suit a range of figures from size 6 to 16. Styles range from smocked bodices ideal for larger busts to off the shoulder, wrap, and shift dresses. Lengths range from ankle to mid-thigh. The brand uses viscose fabrics a lot in its dresses, as viscose provides an elegant, silky drape and is easy to care for. 

Mister Zimi Tops

Bold prints, subdued florals, and bright solids abound in Mister Zimi’s selection of tops. The brand tends to offer several prints in multiple styles, meaning that you don’t have to pass by a fabric that you love just because it’s on a top that doesn’t suit your body shape. Mister Zimi makes spaghetti strap, kaftan, shell, and tee shaped blouses, just to name a few. If you’re pear shaped, you might find that the brand’s v neck and scoop neck tops suit you best. If you’re hourglass shaped, the spaghetti strap styles might be right up your alley. If you’re apple shaped, check out the kaftan styles for a breezy and relaxed look. If you’re rectangle shaped, the tees and shells will probably flatter your silhouette best.

Mister Zimi Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are long, with hems around the ankle or floor. Mister Zimi make a lot of maxi dresses, because they pair beautifully with the chilled and bohemian ambience that the brand makes a specialty. While most of its maxi dresses are short sleeved or don’t have sleeves, you’ll find that Mister Zimi does produce cooler weather styles as well, with long loose sleeves. These can be paired with three quarter length leggings and a pashmina for a surprisingly warm outfit on a spring or autumn day.

Mister Zimi Short Dresses

One of the stars of Mister Zimi’s short dress selection must be the wrap dresses. Somehow, these styles manage to look great on everyone, narrowing the waist, accentuating the bust, and flowing out over the hips. It’s a great feminine style to start with, and Mister Zimi manages to up the ante with ruffled hemlines and soft prints that really make these dresses stand out in the crowd. And another beauty of wrap dresses is that you don’t have to worry quite as much about fit as with other styles – they’re more accommodating than most and a couple of extra centimetres one way or another doesn’t matter. But Mister Zimi’s selection isn’t all wrap dresses. The designer has also created some lovely shift dresses, loose from below the bust for a fun and flowing effect. These are often available in the brighter prints, too.

Mister Zimi Sleeveless Dresses

Sleeveless dresses epitomise summer wear in Australia, leaving arms and shoulders bare to maximise freedom and coolness. They’re a great look by themselves, or with a translucent wrap or bolero top in a complementary print. You’ll find sleeveless dresses in both long and short lengths; these suit so many body types that they’re a perennial favourite with a lot of Mister Zimi devotees.

What to buy with your Mister Zimi outfit?

With their earthy and beachy shades, Mister Zimi outfits tend to look fantastic with simple, nature inspired jewellery. Think wooden beads, feather earrings, and polished gemstone bracelets. Another option is a couple of simple gold pieces – bauble studs, a small bangle, a light chain. Unlike classic Boho outfits, these don’t tend to work well with an overabundance of colour and texture. Go simple to bring out the designer’s inherent quiet elegance.

Sandals are a must have with a Mister Zimi summer outfit. Look for strappy leather flats, espadrilles, or slides to complement the laidback vibe of the clothing. If you’re looking for something enclosed, a pair of canvas sneakers in a similar shade and a pair of no-show socks could be the ideal combo. Match your shoes to a nice big hat. It doesn’t have to be perfect – for example, if you’ve picked out brown leather sandals, you could find a big, floppy white hat with a brown leather band around it. Matching like this, head and foot, helps to bring a sense of harmony to your whole look.

Cosmetics are another popular choice with Mister Zimi outfits. While you don’t want to go too bold with some of these garments, a tinted sunscreen or BB cream makes a light and attractive base layer. Add a bronzer for a subtly tanned look, and an SPF rated brown tinted lip gloss. Add a smear of gold eye liner, and you have a relaxed and natural day time look that will also keep your facial skin healthy and protected from the harsh Aussie sunlight.

Whatever you do, don’t forget the sunglasses – no resort style outfit is complete without a pair. Go big and bold like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O. You’ll match the Mister Zimi vibe perfectly, but you’ll also keep your eyes protected from too much sunlight.