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Mitsubishi Pajero Passenger Vehicles

Mitsubishi Pajero Passenger Vehicles

If you are on the market for an SUV, be sure to check out the Mitsubishi Pajero. This sports utility vehicle first appeared in 1982 and comes in three or five door with front engine all/four-wheel drive. Mitsubishi cars are trusted worldwide and the Pajero is no exception.

How Many Generations of Pajero are There?

There have been four generations of Mitsubishi since its creation.

  • 1st generation: (1982-1991) Although the Pajero first launched in 1982, it was not available in Australia until early 1983. The NA series released in short and long wheelbase 3-door formats. In the following years, many updated models came on the market including the Super wagon, with the NF model in 1988 featuring a 3.0 litre V6 engine.
  • 2nd generation: (1991-1999) The second generation of Pajero retained the two body styles that were in the first generation of cars but with a more city friendly body. The 3.0 V6 engine stayed, but larger engines later followed. Mitsubishis Super Select 4WD system came about and also an electronic transfer shift.
  • 3rd generation: (1999-2006) The third generation of Pajero vehicles came with a lower, wider stance body with the fuel tank between the axles and were full size SUVs rather than mid-sized. Each new model saw increasing power and included a choice of three transmissions.
  • 4th generation: (2006-present) Fourth generation models have new styling both outside and inside as well as side and front airbags. A range of modern features since debuted around the audio system and lighting with a choice of interior colours.

What Features Can I Expect in Newer Pajero Models?

Newer model Pajero passenger vehicles have many luxury features including:

  • Smartphone audio link: Easily connect your smartphone to the cars stereo system so you can listen to your playlists.
  • Electric sunroof: Let the sun shine on you or feel the summer breeze with just a touch of a button.
  • Super Select 4WD: A four-wheel drive system by Mitsubishi that allows you to select your driving mode according to the terrain you are driving on.

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