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Get the job done with the Mitsubishi Triton

The Mitsubishi Triton was designed to get hard jobs done easily, and it has done that and more for over 30 years. A classic ute, nearly 3 million Tritons have been sold in Australia alone, and it continues to go from strength to strength. You can find a fantastic selection of models, with Tritons available in a variety of colours and trim levels to suit your budget.

Top features of the Mitsubishi Triton

At the heart of the Triton ute is its strong diesel engine, which makes for a high-performance, reliable truck that will always go the extra mile. With single cab and double cab options, and two-wheel and four-wheel drive available, this Mitsubishi has masses of capability. It has power and performance, impressive safety ratings, all the tech you need, plus the looks. And as if that isnt enough, the double cab model is a capable, practical family vehicle too, offering comfort and capacity.

Whatever your load, the Tritons chassis keeps everything strong and stable, allowing you to hit even the most challenging of roads with confidence. The chassis, suspension, four-wheel-drive traction, and carefully considered aerodynamic features keep the ride smooth. For those with large loads, the double cab version has impressive capacity and features like inner hooks and a single-handle rear gate make the cargo bed accessible and practical.

Mitsubishi Triton GLS and GLX

The Triton GLS Sports Edition further enhances the in-your-face styling, showing that practical trucks can also turn heads. The GLX and GLS versions have petrol and diesel engine options, with single or double cab models available and the list of extras and accessories in the cab is astounding.

Because it has been around for over three decades and has remained an incredibly popular, practical vehicle, youll find a great selection from Mitsubishi to choose from and lots of spare parts on eBay. Tritons throughout the years have their differences, but youll find that one thing they always have in common is their reliability. For a ute that can not only do the tough jobs but also cope with the daily basics, the Mitsubishi Triton is a superb choice.

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