The key to accuracy is Mitutoyo

In engineering, accuracy is king and Mitutoyo are measuring equipment specialists. Experienced in the manufacture of high precision measurement in both metric and imperial. You will find Mitutoyo's quality range of equipment available here on eBay.

A high standard you can trust

Made to the highest standard, with jewelled bearings where necessary, oxidisation protective coatings, and the most direct gear train design, you are assured of the highest level of sensitivity, reliability, repeatability, and accuracy for the life of the tool. Mitutoyo offers dial indicator gauges in glare-free and scratch resistant coated glass. If your eyesight isn't quite as good as it used to be you can buy the digital indicator callipers offering a nice clear readout.

A Mitutoyo micrometre is an essential part of your kit, you can choose either an outside or internal one, with a rotating or non-rotating spindle. If you're in the market for an optical linear encoder you will also find what you need here on eBay.

Passive instruments

As well as measuring devices Mitutoyo also produces many passive instruments, radius gauges, ball gauges, and gauge blocks. You will also find the accessories needed for all of their products including magnetic bases and stands. If non-contact measuring is required you will find a selection of optical measuring systems, all designed using the latest CAD techniques ensuring maximum performance.

The range includes microscopes, magnifiers, eyepieces & objective lenses and measuring projectors. If you are new to any of Mitutoyo's extensive range of measuring tools, once you've purchased what you need on eBay, you can also sign up to one of their metrology training courses, all delivered by highly skilled engineers.

No matter which Mitutoyo instrument suits you best, or how small any of the replacement parts are that you need, on eBay you will find everything you need.