Clothing, Shoes and Accessories - Wholesale Lots

If you have a small business or simply like to buy in bulk, opting for clothing, shoes and accessories in wholesale lots is a sound economical choice, allowing you to order a wide selection for an array of reasons. Whether you’re in search of wholesale dresses, mixed lots or other types of wholesale clothing, buying in bulk is a smart idea.

Wholesale Women’s Clothing

One of the most popular types of clothing to buy wholesale is women’s dresses, summer items and other accessories. Many times you have the opportunity to buy complete wholesale mixed clothing shoes and accessories lots, which gives you several different options within the order. For instance, a mixed lot may contain dresses, summer scarves and shoes, instead of an order that contains only dresses. If you have a small retail shop, having several types of accessories on hand is a good way to outfit mannequins, so customers can get whole outfit and ensemble ideas.

Wholesale Women’s Accessories

Wholesale women’s accessories is another popular type of order. Perhaps you have a small storefront that sells convenience goods; having a small rack on hand with scarves, sunglasses and costume jewellery allows customers to buy last-minute gifts or impulse purchases. Accessories are also a good idea to display as cooler weather approaches; sometimes hats, scarves and gloves are items that are immediately needed.

Other Accessories in Wholesale

Beyond textile accessories, you may want to consider other wholesale lots such as jewellery, cosmetics or toiletries. If you have a small stand at the market or small space, having plenty of accessories on hand is convenient for shoppers. Look for lots sold by the same seller to mix and match outfits and other ensemble ideas. Many of the items are also Australian made, which is a great selling point.

Men’s and Youth Wholesale

In addition to women’s accessories, men’s and youth wholesale items are also a valuable investment. Accessories for children, such as hats, gloves and mittens, are great last-minute additions to ay shopping cart. Men may also want to purchase an umbrella or winter weather accessories as the weather becomes inclimate.

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