Mixed Media and Collage Art

Are you looking for a new piece of art for your home or workplace? Do you fancy art that is more colourful or modern? Mixed media, or art made from more than one medium, is one type to consider. Collage is very closely related in that it refers to art made from various pre-existing elements that are glued or otherwise fixed together to form something new.

Mixed Media Artists

If you want to connect directly with the artist, you can easily find artist listed mixed media art. This way, you can ask as many questions as you like. You can also be sure of the details of the artwork.


Each mixed media and collage artist has a style of their own. Oftentimes though, they can be categorised into broad areas. You may want to consider a style that suits a specific space or one that simply speaks to you. There are abstract mixed media art pieces or modern ones. If you fancy vintage art or Asian themes, those are available as well.

Prints or Originals

Depending on your budget, you can consider a print of an original artwork. While original artwork can run into the hundreds if not thousands of dollars, a print version can be much more affordable. It is, of course, up to the artist to decide if they wish to sell prints.

Art Supplies

If you do not find an original or print of a piece of art that catches your fancy, you may want to consider purchasing some art supplies and creating your own. The available options range from Asian style buttons to old coins and even vintage clothes pegs.