Mixing Bowls


Cooking Preparation Is Easy With Mixing Bowls

Do you love to bake? Need to stock up on mixing bowls for your next big creation? eBay is the place to be with plenty of variety in designs, sizes and types of bowls.

Types of mixing bowls

  • Glass: The unreactive nature of glass will allow for no reaction that would chemically affect the taste, colour and texture of the food. Glass bowls are more durable and can be used in the oven and freezer. Con: They are highly fragile and can break easily.
  • Metal: Metallic bowls are available and easily found at supply stored. Con: It can get hot if holding a hot liquid and can impact a metallic taste while mixing.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic bowls can have a very decorative look, coming in a wide range of colours and patterns, making them attractive. Con: They may be prone to chipping, cracking and breaking.
  • Copper: They are the best vessels to beat white egg as tiny particles of copper react to stabilise the egg mixture. Con: They can be on the more expensive size.
  • Plastic: Plastic bowls are inexpensive, lightweight, and unbreakable, they are therefore handy for salads and can be used in picnics. Con: They can melt when in contact with hot surfaces.
  • Wood or natural materials: They provide a natural look and feel but could provide a rough and porous service. Con: These are not suitable for mixing dough or batter.

Shopping online tips

Check out the full range of mixing bowls available on eBay today. They suit all brands, including the Breville mixer, Sunbeam Mixmaster and Kenwood mixer, just to name a few. Shop by themes, including bowling, coffee, food, owls, and much more; or by material, such as ceramic, glass, metal, silicone, and stainless steel. 

Once you've made your selection, check to see if the seller is an eBay Plus member, which entitles you to free quick shipping and returns. Determine whether they provide Click & Collect, or if you're willing to wait, find out their estimated delivery dates. Keep in mind some delivery times are delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.