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Mizuno’s mission is to make high tech performance sports wear for a range of conditions and activities. Mizuno started out in Osaka, Japan, over eighty years ago. Now, it’s an international company trusted by some of the biggest names in sport. While the brand is heavily involved in the Olympics, it also supports a number of golfing tournaments, making its areas of expertise quite wide.

Mizuno Golf Bags

You might think that one golfing bag is much like another, but you might be surprised to know that there are a few different types, and the quality and design that goes into them can make a real difference. Weight, stand type, and purpose can all change the engineering required to make a golf bag that suits your needs.


Stand bags are what you’d tend to pick if you like walking around the course during your game of golf. They’re typically lightweight, with carry straps so you can wear them across one or both shoulders. When you put them down, you can kick out the stand so that the bag stays near upright, at an angle which makes it easy to remove and add golf clubs.


A golf cart bag is ideal for people who typically use a golf cart to get around the course. They usually have a single strap for ease of carrying from the car, and if you really wanted, you could carry one around the course. However, they’re not designed for that, so they tend to weigh more and won’t generally stand up by themselves. On the plus side, not needing to go lightweight means that your average cart bag has a lot more pockets and amenities than a stand bag.


Staff bags are more like what you’ll see pro golfers using. They tend to be heavy and full of features, but they’re designed to be carried – and held while stationary – by a caddy. They tend to look great and go heavy on the amenities like cooler pockets for drinks and microfibre lined pockets for storage of valuables. The pay off is that they weigh a lot more. Most golfers avoid these unless they have someone willing to do all the heavy lifting for them.


Sunday golf bags are super light weight bags, designed for casual use and for those who struggle with the weight of a stand bag. They can be worn across one or both shoulders, and for those who have trouble lifting bags from the ground, you can sometimes find styles with a rigid strap, easier to grasp without stooping.

Mizuno Golf Clubs

Mizuno has long been a favourite in the golfing arena, especially for its blade style irons. There are two basic types of irons: blades and cavity backs. Blades are typically forged and work better for professionals looking to make precision shots; cavity backs are typically cast in moulds and are generally better for beginners. Mizuno’s irons are blade style, usually made with mild carbon steel to provide extra feedback to the player.

Mizuno Women's Shoes

Mizuno makes a number of styles of women’s shoes, each specially designed for running, netball, football, or tennis. Each is engineered to provide the support you need while making the plays to win your game. For example, the tennis shoes offer extra cushioning at the back to help counter the pressure put on ankles by sudden back to forward and side to side direction changes. The netball shoes, on the other hand, offer extra shock absorption to protect your feet during typical bouncing and jumping motions, and rounded heels to allow easier heel to toe weight changes. For the rest of the body, Mizuno also makes a range of performance and compression gear designed for cold weather and hot weather, to keep you at peak performance and comfort through your entire training regime as well as on game day.

Mizuno Men's Athletic Shoes

Mizuno makes a selection of men’s athletic shoes, each designed with a specific sport or subset of sports in mind. They’re designed to provide support and comfort while protecting your ankles and knees from the intense stresses inherent in many sports. For example, the trail running shoes offer enhanced grip and protected toe caps to help you stay upright and fast on uncertain terrain, while the performance running shoes offer soles that deliver high response and stability plus cushioning to protect against high impacts against hard surfaces like roads and concrete footpaths. Consider getting some of Mizuno’s performance clothing as well – like its shoes, the apparel is designed to support and protect you as you hit your next personal best… and the one after that.

Mizuno Baseball & Softball Equipment

Mizuno has worked with a number of professional baseball and softball players to develop a range of high quality, high performance gear suitable for each of these sports. Its baseball gloves are engineered to suit specific field positions, based on the gloves and catching motions used by hundreds of professional players. You’ll find baseball gloves designed for infielders, outfielders, and pitchers in the mix, as well as the all-important catchers and first base fielders. But the brand doesn’t stop there. It’s also put together collections of baseball and softball bats made from wood, metal, and composite materials that deliver world class results, with shock absorption to protect arms and wrists and an optimised end cap for a larger ‘sweet spot’. Its batting gloves improve grip on the bat, wick away sweat, absorb vibration shocks, and provide maximum flexibility and breathability to help you to deliver your best possible performance out on the field. And for catchers, there are helmets and body armour to slow and minimise impact, keeping you safe and well. Shop on eBay today.