Mobile In Ear Headsets

Earbud Headsets for Mobile Phones

Talk safely on your mobile phone using mobile phone earbuds. These tiny but crucial phone accessories let you take hands-free calls so you can keep your eyes on the road where they belong, and there are many styles and types to from which to choose.


You can purchase reputable mobile phone headsets from brands you trust. Some brands to consider include Jabra, Plantronics and Sony. Other brands that make Bluetooth headphones include Samsung and Bose. Base the brand that you pick on other factors, such as the styles of Bluetooth earbuds offered or on your budget for earbuds. Different brands may offer a variety of features that suit your needs.


Fortunately, mobile phone headsets dont just come in one style, so you can choose the style thats right for you from an array of options, including wireless headphones that fit over your ear (called ear-hook headphones) or select more traditional earbuds that hang from a cord, which work well for listening to music or taking calls while you exercise. Another option is a headphone headset that has a headband-style headset that fits over your head.


Though they are small, earbud headsets come with a multitude of features to make your life simpler and safer. A built-in microphone allows you to accept calls with the push of a button, while noise-cancellation technology makes it easy to drown out distractions while you talk or listen to music. Foldable headphones are compact enough to fit in your pocket, and waterproof sets are a must for your daily workout. Choose headphones that are rechargeable to power up on the go, and pick a pair with volume control to customise your listening experience.


Choose a headset based on your connection needs, especially if youre selecting a set to work with a specific smartphone or other device. Headsets connect in a variety of ways, including via 3.5mm jack, USB or micro USB. Select the set thats best for you based on your specific needs and device compatibility.

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