Personalise and Protect Your Google Pixel Using a New Case

Google first announced the Pixel smartphone during an event in October 2016 and released it the following year. If you own one of these devices but would like to customise it or add some protection, you can look into a Google Pixel first-generation case or cover that fits your needs. Understanding the types of affordable Google Pixel phone cases and covers you can get will help you find the one that matches your smartphone preferences and your budget on eBay.

Can you get a Google Pixel case with several features?

Yes, in addition to protecting your phone, a new or used Google Pixel case can come complete with other features that might make using it more convenient or enjoyable for you. The precise features you get with your Google Pixel cover or case can vary from one model to the next. Here are just a few of the common features you'll discover during your search:

  • Accessible controls - Most standard Google Pixel 1 phone covers will have strategic openings at various points to allow you to access the buttons and other controls that are a part of your smartphone.
  • Storage compartments - You can choose different styles of cases or covers for the Google Pixel that include extra storage space. This is usually a compartment on the back of the case that you can open to place your cards or other slim items.
  • Selfie stick - You may find a few Pixel phone cases that include built-in selfie sticks.
How can you get Pixel phone cases with durable materials?

One of the main reasons to get a case or cover for your Google Pixel smartphone is to protect the sensitive equipment inside it. The types of materials you choose for your Pixel phone case can have some impact on this, but all phone covers offer some layer of protection to your device. Just a couple of options for you in terms of durable Google Pixel 1 covers include rigid plastic in bright colours or lightweight yet strong aluminium.

Choosing designs for your Google Pixel case

Every Google Pixel phone case you come across will have some kind of design or pattern. You can choose a relatively plain or simple design for an understated look. If you check out both new and pre-owned Pixel phone cases, you can expand your available options on eBay. In addition to solid colours, a few of the common designs you will see include pop culture characters, cartoon drawings, geometric shapes, floral prints, marbled surfaces, or Google Pixel 1 phone covers with jewelled accents.