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Mobile Phone Cases, Covers & Skins for Samsung Galaxy J1

Samsung Galaxy J1 Phone Cases, Covers and Skins

The Samsung Galaxy J1 is an affordable, highly pocketable smartphone, but like every other handheld device, it is vulnerable to falls and slips. Protect your investment by trying on a variety of cases, covers and skins for Samsung mobile phones to fit your Galaxy J1 to help it stay in pristine condition; this helps it keep its resale value as well. Material options range from silicone, leather, PU plastic and aluminium alloys.

Samsung Galaxy J1 Cases

If you want extra protection without adding any flaps to your phone, consider getting a Samsung Galaxy J1 case. Some designs prioritise protection over aesthetics, so it puts on a lot of bulk but results in rock-hard shock protection for your device. But if you haven’t got butter fingers, a slim silicone case, cover or skin for Samsung phones or an aluminium bumper case should be fine. These wrap around the edges of your phone to give you better grip around the sides and prevent scuffs.

Samsung Galaxy J1 Covers

The material options for Samsung phone covers vary from leather to plastic. Many designs reduce the bulk by keeping your phone in a slim shockproof case with a thin but durable flip cover to keep the screen safe in your purse or pocket. Other covers double as wallets to keep cash and cards easily within reach. Oftentimes, flip covers also double as smartphone stands so you essentially have all the essentials when choosing these protective covers.

Samsung Galaxy J1 Skins

If you’re the type to never drop your phone, then you can add style to your Galaxy J1 by sticking a skin on it. These are durable adhesives with textures that cover your entire phone’s body. Not only do these prevent scratches, but they also give your phone a new look and additional grip depending on the texture you choose.

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