Mobile Phone FM Transmitters

When it comes to mobile phone accessories the first things that come to mind are Mobile phone cases, chargers, headphones, and cords. An oft-overlooked accessory is the universal mobile phone FM transmitter. Its an essential tool for those that like to listen to downloaded music but drive a car that doesnt offer Bluetooth technology, which plays the music on the phone through the cars stereo system. The concept is relatively simple. The device uses your phones charging port or headphone socket to transmit the music across a chosen FM radio frequency. You do have to pick an FM frequency that does not contain a local radio station.

What are the Benefits of Using an FM Transmitter?

  • Pick your music - You spend hours selecting and downloading music to your phone so that you always have the best tunes when you want to hear them. With a mobile phone transmitter, you can jam out to whichever song you want, whenever you want.
  • No commercials - Possible the most significant benefit of using a car transmitter device is that you never have to listen to ads again.
  • Never lose the station - When you travel outside your local radio listening area, an FM transmitter lets you continue listening to your music without having to search for a station.
  • Listen to Podcasts - Make your commute more interesting by listening to the latest podcast in your library.
  • Listen to Audiobooks - Download your favourite book before a long trip and listen the miles away. A two-hour drive will fly by as you loser yourself in the virtual pages of a good story. Just dont get lost on the road.

How Do You Connect an FM transmitter To Your Car Stereo?

  • Wireless connection - Plug in a Wireless FM transmitter and connect via the Bluetooth option on your phone. Many of the devices offer a USB port for charging.
  • Wired connection - Take the transmitter and plug it into a cigarette lighter. The next step is to take a USB cord and plug one end into the transmitter and the other end into your phone. Select and set the FM frequency and tune your radio to that station. Lastly, press play, and enjoy artist you love, playing the songs you want to hear.