Mobile Phone LCD Screens for iPhone X

Restore Your iPhone X Using a Replacement LCD Screen

Apple released the iPhone X in 2017 as a way to show people what the company considered part of a new age of smartphone technology. If you own one of these devices and need to fix the screen or just get some additional spares for it, you can find a wide range of inexpensive iPhone X replacement screens for sale on eBay. Getting to know the parts of the iPhone X screen can help you find the parts you need for your smartphone.

Can you get accessories with your iPhone X LCD screen?

Yes, many of the iPhone X screens that you find on eBay will have accessories or parts that you can use to help you get your replacement model up and running smoothly. Many iPhone X displays are package items that come with other things the smartphone might need to get the screen and the rest of the device to talk to each other. Here are some of the possible parts that can come with your replacement:

  • Home button - Your iPhone X replacement model may include a button to activate the "Home" feature once the screen is working.
  • Adhesive - Your iPhone X LCD screen is a combination of several layers of materials. Special adhesive keeps them together and attaches the whole apparatus to the base of your smartphone.
  • Prongs - You can get an iPhone X replacement screen that includes prongs to help you remove the old display if necessary.
How do the layers on LCD iPhone X replacements work?

Each layer in an iPhone X display works in conjunction with the others to create both the images you can see and the functions you can take advantage of when you use the device. Here's some information about each of the main layers you should get in a replacement package:

  • LCD - This is the layer of the iPhone X replacement screen that you can see when you operate the device.
  • Glass substrate - Although you cannot see it, this layer covers the LCD part of the iPhone X. A bonding layer attaches sensing lines to the glass to turn it into a touch screen.
  • Protective coating - The other layers are covered in a special substance designed to protect them.
Purchasing pre-owned iPhone X replacement displays

You can get a new or used LCD iPhone X display package for your device. Any secondhand screen you purchase is intended to function adequately for your smartphone needs. Used iPhone X LCD parts may not have original packaging, but they should not have any signs of wear or use. Getting a pre-owned replacement screen can be a good way to get the parts you need at one low price.