Mobile Phone Mounts & Holders

Mobile Phone Mounts and Holders

When it comes to safety, having a place to put your phone when driving is a must. Mobile phone holders aren't just for the car. Use one on your desk to free up your hands so you can continue working or use one to hold your phone while you binge watch your favourite show. Two hands are always better than one.

Hands Free Driving

There are four basic designs when it comes to car mounts and holders for mobile phones. There is the windscreen, dashboard, air vent, and CD mount options available. The best choice for you is the one that fits into your style of driving. Some people prefer not to block their line of vision, so the air vent and CD slot models are the better choice.

Take a Selfie

The craze of taking selfies does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. For this reason, companies started marketing the mobile phone selfie stick. You get a longer range than you ever could with your just your arm. You can include all your friends in the picture now; no more cutting off heads or losing the people standing on the ends. You can also use your mobile phone selfie stick to take shots over a crowd.

Talk and Pedal at the Same Time

Riding a bike is not just good for the environment; it is also an excellent way to be more active. As you pedal your way around town, you don't have to give up talking to your friends or missing that important call. Use a bike mount to keep your mobile phone within reach.

Stand on Three Legs

If you like to video with your mobile phone, then a tripod stand is the product for you. Set it and forget it. You can enjoy the show while still recording every word.