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Mobile Phone Parts for Samsung Galaxy S7

If you have dropped your Samsung Galaxy S7 or perhaps sat down with the device still in your back pocket, it may have incurred unfortunate damage. While it is possible to get your phone repaired by a professional or even to purchase a new phone altogether, this is often costly. Instead, consider repairing the phone yourself. With a little know-how and the right Samsung Galaxy S7 parts, doing so proves both straightforward and cost efficient.

Battery Cover

Battery covers protect your phone's battery from external elements. They are also necessary for securing the battery in place. Over time, however, you may find that the battery cover of your Samsung Galaxy S7 has come loose and lost its grip. When this happens, it is time to find a replacement. As you search, make sure that the battery cover is compatible with your Samsung Galaxy S7, both in terms of fit and in terms of colour. Purchasing directly from the manufacturer ensures a proper fit, but it is also possible to find generic models for a fraction of the cost.

LCD Screen

The introduction of touchscreen technology has caused a spike in the cost of screen repair. As such, many have turned to do-it-yourself methods for Samsung S7 screen replacement. When searching for a LCD screen and digitiser unit to replace your broken or scratched screen, it is important to ensure compatibility. You will also need to invest in specialist tools to ensure the perfect fit of your Samsung screen replacement part.


If you receive poor Wi-Fi signal, it may be time to replace your Samsung Galaxy S7's Wi-Fi antenna or the interconnect cable on the logic board. To do so, you will need to access your phone's internal structure using a screwdriver or a mobile phone repair tool kit as well as the replacement antenna. When this process is complete, your Wi-Fi signal should be restored to your phone.


In order to properly complete a screen replacement, you will need to invest in mobile phone adhesive. Because every repair is different, the first thing you will need to do is ensure that you are using the right glue or tape for the job. When searching, keep adhesive strength and thickness in mind, as some adhesives create a permanent bond, while others can be removed if needed. For ease of use, target double-sided adhesives.

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