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Mobile Phone Power Banks Universal

Being able to recharge your phone whenever you want without having to find a power socket to plug into is important since it is not always convenient to find one. Perhaps you are having a day out on a boat or will be taking a long drive in the car and need to insure that you can stay connected. With a universal power bank, you can make sure that your phone still has charge no matter where you are.

Shapes and Sizes

Most portable phone chargers are relatively small and can fit nicely into your pocket or bag. You can easily take them wherever you go without taking up too much space. They are generally rectangle in shape although you can find them in round or cylindrical shapes too. Depending on the brand of power bank, it is possible to find different colours such as black, white, grey, blue or red.

How Long Do They Last?

Mobile phone power banks can last for different amounts of time depending on their battery size. A smaller battery of 5000 mAh may provide you with one full mobile charge, whereas a battery of 50000 mAh may be able to charge around 20 times. Just make sure you charge the power bank before you leave home.

Charge Other Devices

Portable chargers operate by using a USB cable that connects to your mobile phone. It is possible to charge any other device that uses a USB port such as a camera or tablet.

Solar Chargers

If you are heading outdoors for long periods of time, it may be worth investing in a universal solar power charger. These portable phone chargers are so useful to have because they do not need plugging into a power source and you can simply charge them from direct sunlight. Solar phone chargers definitely come in handy if you are heading out on a camping or hiking trip for a few days and would like to be able to check in with friends and family back home. You will have peace of mind that you are not going to run out of battery.

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