Mobile Phone Styluses

Mobile Phone Styluses

Nowadays we use smartphones and tablets so much in our everyday life and anything that can make the experience even better is a welcome addition. While there are all sorts of phone accessories out there, stylus pens have a clear role in making things easier with your mobile phone. Shaped like a pen, mobile phone styluses and tablet or eBook styluses are ideal for tapping, swiping and especially drawing, as if you were using your own finger.

What are the Benefits to Using a Stylus Pen?

There are certain advantages to using a touch screen pen rather than using your phone manually, namely:

  • Prevent Fingerprints: Theres nothing worse than trying to watch TV shows and movies on your iPhones or tablets when they have distracting smudges from fingerprints. Using a touch screen pen eliminates this issue.
  • Precision Selection: Pressing the wrong keys while typing is a common issue because of the size of mobile keyboards, but with a stylus key selection while typing is considerably easier.
  • Capacitive Tip: Mobile phone touchscreens work due to a technology called capacitive sensing, which is why only fingers and not other objects can work a touchscreen. Stylus pens feature a capacitive tip that effectively mimics a finger to allow it to work.

What Devices Do Stylus Pens Work With?

The type of stylus pen you have determines which smartphones and tablet it will work with. Stylus pens fall into two categories:

  • Universal: No matter which phone or tablet you own, universal stylus pens are all-purpose and designed to work with it and all devices. This way you can share the stylus pen between your devices, both tablet and mobile phone.
  • Phone Specific: Rather than work with any device, these stylus pens are only able to operate with certain devices. For example, there are touch screen pens that will only work for a Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

What other Features of Stylus Pens are Worth Considering?

Not all stylus pens are exactly the same, often having different design features of their own, like:

  • Brush Tip: Not all styluses actually feature a pen tip. Some models are actually shaped like a paint brush, useful for certain artistic activities.
  • Shirt Clip: Certain models of stylus pen feature a clip at the top, so you can simply pop it in your short pocket like a pen.