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Mobility & Disability Equipment

Find freedom and flexibility with mobility and disability equipment

Being able to move around freely is a privilege that we often take for granted. If you’re having trouble walking long distances, standing in the shower or moving up and down stairs, there is a range of mobility devices online on eBay that can help you retain independence.


Wheelchairs are one of the most common, and helpful, mobility devices. If you struggle to walk in everyday life or you find particular outings too tiring, you might find that a wheelchair offers some much-needed relief.

These assistants vary greatly in features and purpose. There are wheelchairs designed for heavy all-day and everyday use, while others are designed for occasional light use. Your needs will dictate the type of wheelchair that you buy. For example, if you need a wheelchair for occasional light use, you might find that a lightweight folding chair that fits into your car is ideal. If you need something more heavy-duty, you might find a more padded, ergonomically-designed chair more suitable.

Bathroom seats and rails

A lot of accidents can happen in bathrooms, and it’s here that an ounce of prevention can do a world of good. Mobility furniture and fixtures can keep you safe in your bathroom while making life easier. You’ll find a great selection of shower seats and stools to make bathing simpler, handles and rails to help you move from a sitting to standing position and add some extra stability and slip-proof steps and stairs that you can use to access high spots with an extra level of steadiness.

Compression wear and joint support

While you might think of these as more suited to athletes, people with a range of health issues can find light relief from pain or strained muscles using compression garments and joint supports. They combine great with bigger pieces of mobility and disability equipment.

Find the helpful pieces you need you to live your best life on eBay today.