Mobility Furniture and Fixtures

As people age, one of the things that occurs is that the body becomes less mobile, making even everyday tasks like showering, bathing or using the toilet more of a struggle. If you have a relative who is having mobility issues or you yourself are experiencing issues in the bathroom, there are many different

mobility aids, furniture and fixture available that allow you or your loved one to do what you need to do and maintain dignity while doing so.

What features should a shower chair or bath seat have?

When choosing a shower chair or bath seat, the most important consideration is being able to use it comfortably in the bath or shower. It should fit easily into the space. Rubber or nonslip feet are essential to prevent any accidents. For tall or heavy users, bariatric models that are designed for people who weight more than 250 pounds are necessary. Shower chairs and bath seats can come with armrests and backs for added comfort. Ones that are made with microbial materials prevent the development of mould, mildew and are easier to keep clean. Chairs with adjustable legs make it possible for multiple users to take advantage of this type of disability aid.

What should I know before buying a portable commode?

For those recovering from an injury or surgery or those who have severe mobility issues, a portable commode makes relieving oneself less of a chore. Most units resemble a toilet and come with sturdy metal frames with padded armrests for easier use. Other features that a portable commode should have include:

  • Pail
  • Lid
  • Splash guard
  • Removable seat

When not in use, these commodes are foldable and easy to store.

What other types of mobility furniture and fixtures are available?

Even if you or your loved one don't need to use a shower chair or bath seat when bathing, a bathroom grab bar makes a lot of sense. These can help anyone in the bath or shower, including children, in preventing slip-and-fall accidents. Some other mobility aids that can help in this area include:

  • Access or threshold ramps
  • Bath board
  • Step stool and stairs
  • Toilet frames

For those who are still able to use the toilet in the bathroom, but have issues sitting down, a raised toilet seat can make the process less of a struggle.