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Modular Prefabricated Buildings

Structures built off-site, such as modular prefabricated buildings, are available for delivery in a few months as compared to stick-built construction that takes upwards of nine months. Builders comply to the same standards used in conventional construction, which makes this type of building an appealing alternative. There are numerous choices, whether you need an office, home, or shed placed on your property.

Relocatable Homes

A relocatable home is not on wheels or considered a caravan home. This type of home sits on a permanent foundation that house movers can transport from one location to another. Once delivered to your property, a contractor puts in new footings and foundation to accommodate the relocated home. Homes built in factories are also relocatable since builders construct one or more modular units on flatbed trailers and place them on a foundation onsite with the use of a crane.

Granny Flats

Senior citizens, young adults just starting out, and others may prefer a smaller space, such as a granny flat, that requires less maintenance and upkeep. The space normally includes a large living area, one or more bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bath. There's also enough space to put in a laundry room. These buildings are stand-alone structures or attach to an existing dwelling belonging to a parent or child. Once you no longer need a granny flat or move to another residence, the building is suitable as a rental property.

Site Offices

Factory workers put together portable site offices in a controlled environment following approved architectural blueprints. If you need a larger office complex, it is possible to stack or join several units to increase the square footage. Should you need to relocate your business in the future, you can transport the building to other property. The buildings normally contain a steel frame, aluminium windows, and other high-quality materials and amenities found in conventional structures.


Your dream of owning a cabin can come true by purchasing a prefabricated dwelling using an existing plan or custom one designed by you and the manufacturer. The cabin can be a one-room building or include as many bedrooms and baths as you need. Use the space as your full-time residence or vacation home.