The official basketball of the World Cup and number one Basketball in Australia, Molten, will help improve your court game! 

Molten is a well-known Australian company producing quality balls for a range of sports using their parallel pebble construction which offers complete consistency of touch wherever the ball is held. The flat pebble surface and full flat seams increase the contact area meaning you get maximum grip and control during the game. They also offer a consistent backspin for precise shooting and passing and feature the signature brand colour strip for better visibility of ball rotation. Molten offers the official game ball for all FIBA and top international competitions across the world. 

Molten Basketballs come in a range of sizes for people of all ages and skill levels. These high-quality balls are great for street or court and will maintain their pressure settings for extended periods no matter how hard you play. The Molten design makes it easy to improve your skill set be it during practice or the throughout the big game! 

Tired of the standard basketball look? Molten Basketball Colour variations are available on eBay to bring some style and originality to your game. Find the stunning black and silver colourways along with the BGSX Series Blue Basketball that comes with a durable deep channel rubber surface. 

Molten offers a range of other sporting balls including volleyballs, soccer, netball, handball, water polo, and futsal. They produce the UEFA Europa League Knockout Stage Game Ball and many other high-quality balls used by the highest competitions in the world. Up your game with Molten and eBay today!