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All that race car driver Gianpiero Moretti wanted was a custom steering wheel with superior grip when he had a local craftsman build one for him. Other racing drivers saw what he had made and quickly wanted one as well, and the rest is Momo history. From its strong beginnings in the racing community, creating custom steering wheels for Ferrari, to some of the finest aftermarket and motor racing accessories available for the general public today, Momo is known the world over for quality and style. 

Many people look to Momo Car and Truck Steering Wheels on eBay to provide extra grip, and a lot of style to their vehicles. The quality and the beauty that the brand is known for is famous all over the world. With both standard and custom steering wheel options, both secondhand and brand new, eBay are the Momo experts. 

Give your comfort levels a boost as well as your style with Momo Car and Truck Seats. Momo takes what they learn on the racetrack, and develop it for the street. And while eBay always encourages responsible driving on the roads, that doesn't mean you can't look and feel like a racecar driver! Momo can make that happen with their beautiful range of auto accessories. 

Momo is heavily focused on light alloy road wheels, but also offers a wide range of innovative racing products that are of high quality, and safety with superior design. Upgrade your vehicle with a Momo fitout and bring a whole new level of style and quality to your ride.