Men's Money Clips

Mens Money Clips

A money clip is a convenient and fashionable way to hold onto your bank notes and personal cards, keeping them close to your person. A money clip usually consists of one piece of metal or material folded in half, offering a compact place for the cash to go. There are many different styles of money clips available including those that can serve as a complete wallet to hold notes and cards, and others that are slim enough to hold a small amount of cash only. A money clip wallet is a luxury fashion accessory but also a convenient way to hold money, so a popular choice in wallets for men.

What Materials Are Money Clips Made Of?

The money clip can use many different materials, each offering unique benefits to the wearer in regards to how much money they hold, how comfortable they are to wear, and the style factor they offer.

  • Metal: Metals like stainless steel and silver are common in clips, as it stays easily folded over; however, they might not be able to hold as much.
  • Titanium: This is an expensive material and so not as available as others, and titanium money clips are lightweight and durable.
  • Carbon fibre: This high strength material is less common on the market but a very durable option for a money clip.
  • Leather: A leather money clip usually features one side leather and the other metal so that money can go in between.

Are There Different Styles of Money Clip?

In addition to the different materials that make money clips, there are also different styles available in both new and used condition. Each of these styles offers convenience and simplicity for the wearer, and to suit the amount of cash that they might want to carry.

  • Money clip wallet: These feature more space than a standard clip and allow men to fit cash, cards, and other small items in a compact style of wallet.
  • Money clip: A simple money clip is only for notes and can connect to your pants, belt, or as a front pocket wallet.
  • Branded money clip: Luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Coach make money clips for men who want a practical fashion accessory.
  • Magnetic money clip: These have two separate rectangular pieces, which hold the money in place using a magnet.