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Got one to sell?

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Money Handling and Counting Equipment

Money handling and counting equipment is very useful for those who deal with large amounts of bank notes and coins regularly. If you run a shop or business that regularly receives bank notes, these pieces of equipment can make handling and counting money faster and more efficient. There are many different pieces of money handling and counting equipment available, each designed to complete specific tasks. This means you can equipment that fulfills your specific needs.

Note Counters

Note counters quickly and accurately count large quantities of bank notes. Some of these counters automatically give a monetary total when they finish counting, and others simply give a total number of notes.

Coin Counters

Coin counters work similarly to note counters, except they count change. Some of these coin counters also sort coins, so that they are divided into separate denominations. Others count coins of one denomination at a time, and then give a total count. You can even find some coin counters that roll coins for you as well as sort them and count them.

Coin and Note Scales

Coin and note scales weigh money and provide a total monetary value based on that weight. Most of these scales require you to input the denomination of the notes or coins you want to weigh, so the scale can make accurate calculations and provide a correct total. Some of these scales are large enough to measure the weight of hundreds of notes or coins at a time.

Counterfeit Detectors

Counterfeit detectors are useful pieces of money handling equipment if you regularly process notes, particularly notes with high monetary value. Some of these detectors use black light or concentrated ultraviolet light to determine if a bill is genuine. Some of them precisely judge the shape, size, thickness and weight of the note to make this determination.

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