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Pulling off sweet tail whips, tackling tough trails, cruising around the neighbourhood at a leisurely speed;you can cycle as you'd like with the right bike beneath you. 

Mongoose is one of the most trusted names in two-wheelers, giving hundreds of thousands of riders the pedalling power to get outside and enjoy a ride. Whether you're looking for a new Mongoose bike or just need some Mongoose parts and accessories with which to upgrade your current bicycle, eBay has options for experienced and novice riders both young and old. 

From California, with love. 

Since 1974, Mongoose has been bringing Southern California style and attitude to bikers of all ages and ability levels. Fittingly started in a garage, the company has stayed true to its roots, aiming to do nothing more than create authentic, dependable gear with which riders can attack mountains, bike parks and the urban jungle. 

Looking for something with which a new, young rider can learn? Grab a great Mongoose kids' bike. Hit a snag and get a flat last time you were out? New Mongoose bike rims and tyres will get you back on the two-wheeled horse. Need to replace your seat or the shocks on your mountain bike so you don't feel every single nook, cranny, crack, root and rock on your next ride? We've got the parts for that, too. With full bikes as well as vital accessories, you can get the gear you need for your next BMX or mountain bike session or urban ride with a few simple clicks. Check it all out on eBay today and get ready to cruise the streets, trails, ramps and more.