Keep Connected With Monitor AV Cables & Adapters

Audio visual cables come in a variety of forms and to know which is the right choice for you, you first must know what they are. The input your device has and whether you require HD will help you decide what type of AV cables you may need.

What is the AV cable for?

THE RCA is one of the oldest styles of AV cable still in common use today. It was originally launched in the 1940s and has been used for cable boxes, DVD players, and gaming consoles. There is no HD option which means it isn't as common as it once was, but it was the three-pronged colourful number you'd generally use to connect your games console to the television. The VGA cable is an adapter to connect a video display to a computer. They operate at both high and low resolutions, but it's an analog signal so you aren't dealing with the resolution that an HDMI or DVI cable offers. The VGA port was standard on computers through the 2010s.

The DVI is mostly a desktop computer port and is capable of producing high-resolution displays. It doesn't carry sound, however, nor does the VGA. So if you opt for either of these you will also need an audio cable to complete the job.

Coaxial AV cables can transmit both video and audio and are generally used to connect a cable box to a television. This is where the HDMI comes into play. It carries audio and video and works with televisions, gaming consoles, laptops, and desktops. If you have a gadget in your home there's a good chance it has an HDMI port or two.

Buying monitor cables online

Which cable do you need? If you're looking for AV cables and adapters, you will find a wide variety of options to choose from on eBay. To make life easier, you can shop by connector type or by categories such as USB cables, hubs & adapters or even computer cable testers. Whatever kind of cables you are looking for, eBay has them ready to shop and buy!