A better alternative to plaster

You may have had surgery and been offered a Moon Boot as an alternative to plaster casting, or you may have had one of these braces to keep your bone stationary enough for the bone to knit together without surgery. Either way, you will know that the Moon Boot, not to be confused with ski boots, has many useful adaptations and reduces the need for crutches. On eBay, you will find the right one to suit your requirements.


Moon boots are considered the best brands in sports bracing and therapy. If you have an injury they can help you recover faster and reduce the chance of injuring the affected area again. They have proven to be more durable, hygienic and easily removable versus the traditional plaster casting. They will help to reduce swelling and can easily be opened for quick access to scratch those annoying little itches. They are also so quick and easy to fit and remove so you need not suffer unnecessarily as you would having a plaster cast or bandaging applied.

Feet and Ankles

If you have a foot or ankle problem the moon boot will allow you to rest your foot while still walking around, this boot is also known as a CAM Walker, Controlled Ankle Movement. The moon boot has many uses in healing muscle strains, ligament sprains and unstable joints. The most important thing when you have an injury or discomfort is to the find a boot that will make you feel like you can still walk and carry on with your everyday life. Moon boots will do just that. With easy Velcro fastenings, you will be able to adjust the fit according to your needs.

So, whether you have a healed fracture that needs continuing support or a sprain, you can rest assured that the moon boot selection here on eBay will have something to suit your immediate needs.