Magic mops feature buckets with 360 degree spinning baskets that make cleaning your place a much less painful experience. You can choose from models with pedals to spin or push down mop handles. Add some wheels for extra mobility and cleaning becomes childs play! eBay has a quality selection of magic from which you can choose so you can continue your war on dust and dirt.

Problems with dust in the modern city environment In todays environment, dust can be a worsening problem with increased construction, heavy traffic, broken road surfaces, and summer burn off producing ash and other particles. This accumulated dust and dirt ends up on your floors. The magic mop is your answer. It is time-saving, easy to use, energy efficient, and loveable.

Magic mops and spin mops can come with dual function buckets that can be used wet or dry. They come in a range of bright colours that can add a a bit of pizzazz to your cleaning equipment. No need to get your hands wet, as most magic mops feature easy drainage and separate compartments for detergent. The height adjustable handle makes it easier to clean for doors and walls, and the soft mop head allows you to glide the mop under furniture.

The wonder of microfiber

Microfiber cloth is a manufactured textile made from a combination of polyester and polyamide, which creates with a fine thread. This single thread microfiber is more hygienic for household use, as it can collect smaller particles of dust and bacteria more effectively than a regular mop head. It is super absorbent and picks up spills easily. Such a mop head is excellent for cleaning tiled surfaces, linoleum or polished timber floors.

After experiencing the satisfaction of cleaning with a magic mop, you might want to turn your attention to other household cleaning supplies. Windows need non-streak products. Doors need products that will remove grime and finger marks around handles. With children around, you might prefer hypo-allergenic products. Explore a range of anti-bacterial products for kitchens and bathrooms at eBay today and makes your spaces sparkle!