Different knives for different circumstances

You dont have to be parachuting into the bush and doing a Ray Mears to appreciate the extensive range of Morakniv knives here on eBay. But if bushcraft is your passion youre in the best hands when it comes to choosing the right knife for the job.

MORA of Sweden

If youre going to be hunting and preparing your own tucker an essential tool will be a gutting knife. Maybe a gutting hook knife and spoon 352P, or a carbon steel outdoor knife with an integrated fire starter built into the sheath. You can buy a 2pk outdoor kit with hunting knives and axes. Use the axe to chop your firewood and have the handy fire starter ready to get your fire going. Ray Mears, an outdoor adventurer, highly recommends the companion MG knife. It is made of sturdy, polished carbon steel and will sharpen to a fine edge with its single bevel blade. The handle has a great grip and comfort all round with the complete overlay of Dryflex, a good alternative to latex should you be allergic.

Other Uses

Morakniv knives arent solely for use in the great outdoors, they are also popular with carpenters, electricians and construction workers, as well as being a must have everyday knife in the army. Morakniv has a series of knives for many different jobs, even for all your kitchen knife needs. You can even make your own knives using their knifemaking blades.

The knives you will find on eBay are all designed with slip and impact resistant handles for messy conditions. The rope series have serrated blades for use on fibrous materials. The scout series have double guards and round heads making them suitable for use by the kids. On eBay, you will find Morakniv knives for fishing, woodcarving, hunting, camping, bushcraft and even hoof care. And most importantly you will be able to buy your knife care accessories like steel sharpeners to keep your knives in tip top condition.