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Relax with a Moran sofa

Moran Furniture is the most recognised premium furniture maker in Australia. They've supplied three generations of Australians with prestige Moran sofas. From three seater leather sofas to fabric floral patterned sofa for 2, they've got a piece of furniture to suit any room.

Legendary comfort

On eBay, you'll see some terrific vintage Moran sofas made with superb quality leather or fabric. The Australian founder John Moran was obsessed with quality fabrics and wonderful detailing, and infused the company with genuine, traditional standards like quality, comfort and value for money. Each Moran leather sofa, chair, suite or recliner was individually made to order using best-practice craftsmanship.

Quality construction

Vintage Moran sofas all have strong timber frames which mean they are extremely sturdy chairs and will last for years and years. You get amazingly comfortable leather seats to lounge around in because they have beautiful bolstered arms and backing, so they're the perfect chairs to sit back and relax in with a good book or to watch your favourite TV series.

Fabulous character

Moran sofas come in some fabulous rich colours that will set off any room, like rich greens, reds, chestnut and blues. Moran work with some top-level designers on fabric designs and prints range from the chic to the kitsch to the outlandish. Picture a gorgeous two or three-seater in your lounge room, man cave, study or bedroom, then check out our range.

Modern to match

Just about any room that needs a classic touch will benefit from the added charm and character of a classic, vintage or modern Australian-made Moran Furniture sofa, recliner or armchair. There's such a wide range of styles and looks, fabric or leather, that you can get a traditional Chesterfield or a more modern sofa to sit perfectly with modern or old-world decor. Browse through our range on eBay and look forward to kicking back and relaxing in your new-look room