More than 20L Camping Ice Fridges/Freezers

Camping Ice Boxes, Fridges and Freezers over 20L

An efficient icebox, fridge or freezer is essential for camping in warmer months. The two main features to look at when you buy a portable refrigerator or freezer are the size and power source. Being portable and compact is a must for a camping ice fridge or freezer over 20L. Size and power will depend on where you are going to use your portable fridge. Use one in your car, camper, caravan, or boat to keep perishable food and drinks cold, fresh and safe from bacteria.

Sizes of Camping Fridges

Sizes of portable iceboxes, fridges and freezers over 20L range up to big commercial sized units. In over 20L models the sizes increase in 5L or 10L capacities to 80L-90L. An easy way to estimate the size you need is to think of the litre capacity converted to the equal number of cans. Around 27 cans will fit nicely in a 25L fridge, or 72 cans in a 50L fridge. Based on that size equivalent, a 20L fridge can be perfect for a picnic or a fishing trip. For a weekend away, or somewhere you can stock-up daily with fresh food, a 35L-40L may do the trick. Longer or more remote location camping trips may be better with a unit in the 60L-80L range.

Power Sources of Camping Fridges

Most portable fridges in the over 20L category have the option to plug into a standard 240v AC power point for continuous power to keep things cool. Some camp fridges run on battery power. These will need regular recharging by electricity, solar panels or generators. Other fridges have an option to plug into cigarette lighter sockets. Perfect for keeping your goodies cool while you are on the road, and if you keep your fridge in your vehicle. Be aware with a lighter socket you will need to make sure you use your vehicle, or run the engine enough to keep the fridge and car batteries charged!

Camping Freezers

For the benefits of keeping both chilled and frozen food, look for a dual-zone fridge/freezer. These have two separate compartments to keep different temperatures. Some fridge/freezer combinations are set to operate as one or the other. These fridge/freezer combinations offer flexibility to use for different purposes and locations.