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Morphsuits began in 2009 when three friends were inspired to develop a costume that the wearer could see out of, but nobody else could see in. The first batch of Morphsuit costumes included six plain colours. From there, the Morphsuit range of Lycra unisex costumes continued to grow each year until the range reached more than one hundred different costume designs.

Original Morphsuit Unisex Costumes

Despite adding more than a hundred more nylon unisex costumes to their range, Morphsuit continues to sell the original line of spandex costumes that they started with eight years ago. The original Morphsuit line includes 14 solid colours, along with two additional Morphsuit costumes with small tutu skirts attached.

Halloween Morphsuit Costumes

Halloween is a big time of year for Morphsuits and their product range reflects this. The Morphsuit range of Halloween costumes is extensive and exciting for anyone who enjoys dressing up for Halloween. Halloween Morphsuit costumes include zombies, clowns, skeletons, serial killers, androids, mummies, aliens and other types of beasts and monsters.

Kids' Morphsuit Costumes

Morphsuit fun is not just restricted to adults. Morphsuit costumes for kids include a range of original solid colour costumes, animal costumes and patterned costumes that include scary and regular designs. Kids can have fun dressing up in a racing car driver costume or as an astronaut, elf or ninja, or can choose a scary Halloween-style costume.

TV, Film and Superhero Morphsuits

The Morphsuit Power Rangers costume collection includes the six original colours, along with four additional deluxe versions of the standard costume designs. Next, a full line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes is available, along with Spider-Man, Captain America, Superman, Batman and Darth Vader. In addition, gladiator, army and ninja Morphsuit designs are also available.

Inflatable MegaMorph Morphsuit Costumes

Quite different to the traditional Morphsuit designs, MegaMorphs are inflatable costumes that create an entirely different look to the normal sleek, spandex-style Morphsuit costumes. Inflatable MegaMorphs are available in various designs including skeleton, emojis, regular plain colours and light up plain colours.

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