Morphy Richards Toasters

Morphy Richards toasters are available in a range of colours and styles, with many matched perfectly to a similarly-designed kettle. Available in 2-slice or 4-slice, Morphy Richards toasters feature black, white and a range of other bright colour accents.

Morphy Richards 2-Slice Toasters

There are currently five types of Morphy Richards 2-slice toaster appliances on the market. With all appearing in the Accents range, Morphy Richards 2-slice toasters come in black, brushed stainless steel, copper, red and white. Customers have a choice of purchasing these 2-slice Morphy Richards toasters as stand-alone appliances, or with matching jug kettles.

Special Features of Morphy Richards 2-Slice Toasters

Given the popularity of Morphy Richards toasters with defrost options and Morphy Richards toasters with a cancel button, all 2-slice Morphy Richards toasters feature a cancel button, a frozen bread setting to act as a defrost button, variable browning control, high-lift option, cord storage, the ability to reheat previously-toasted bread and a removable crumb tray.

Morphy Richards 4-Slice Toasters

Morphy Richards toasters with the capacity to toast 4 slices of bread at a time also come in a larger range of colours. Black and white still feature, but other stylish colours are added to the collection including teal, stone, azure, red, plum, metallic blue, yellow and brushed stainless steel.

Choosing Between a 2-Slice and 4-Slice Toaster

There are several considerations to keep in mind when choosing between 2-slice and 4-slice Morphy Richards toasters. Firstly, consider the size of your family and how many slices of toast you will need to prepare at any one time. If you live by yourself or your family members tend to have breakfast at different times, it may make more sense to choose a 2-slice toaster. Another consideration is the size of your benchtop and your kitchen. If you have a large kitchen with a sweeping benchtop, a 2-slice toaster may seem out of place. The corollary is that your small benchtop may not have enough room to accommodate a larger toaster. Finally, consider the energy requirements of a 2-slice toaster (typically 1,200 kW) versus a 4-slice toaster (1,800 kW).