Add a great new piece to your kitchen with Morphy Richards appliances from eBay

There’s something special about life’s simple pleasures. That sweet, dark flavour of coffee hitting your lips in the morning or picking you up in the afternoon. A warm cuppa to keep you company as you crack into a book. Crisp toast smothered in butter, Vegemite or avocado or placed beside a plate of eggs and bacon at brekkie.    

Having small kitchen appliances to help produce such pleasures time after time can get your morning started on the right foot, provide the fuel you need to keep putting one foot in front of the other and tackle what’s ahead of you or wrap up a long day. Morphy Richards toasters and kettles from eBay stand up to slice after slice and cup after cup while also looking great on your bench.   

With sharp metal features, a range of colours and enough different styles to match dozens of different design tastes, the machines from Morphy Richards are a delicious blend of form and function.    

Decades of success 

Morphy Richards began in the 1930s when creators Donal Morphy and Charles Richards set out to develop small appliances that were more than luxury items for the rich. Sales boomed by the 1950s, and by the 1970s Morphy Richards and its sister companies were servicing thousands of homes in Great Britain. That popularity continued to blossom worldwide. eBay makes it easy for those in Australia to buy these toasters and kettles online with just a few clicks.   

There are plenty of things in your day you unfortunately cannot control. That makes grabbing hold of the things in your power all the more important. Don’t leave making toast, tea and coffee to chance or spend hundreds of extra dollars a month at cafes. Choose from great-looking Morphy Richards small kitchen appliances, which also make great gifts for dad or mum, from eBay today.